School Programs

School Programs

Yoga Joy Saigon is proud to offer a program for the community of students and teachers at your school. The program is grounded in science-based exploration of the body, mind and the self. We use mindfulness and yoga to improve and enhance learning, health and personal responsibility. Yoga is the oldest form of mind-body exercise; it integrates the mind, body and breath, developing physical health and mental clarity.  The lessons support children in their intrinsic drive to acquire knowledge, skills and proficiency for active learning to take place. By developing self-awareness and self-confidence, the students and teachers will learn lifelong skills for wellness and problem solving, that we all need to for heath & well-being.

In- School Program

We have been serving children and teachers in Ho Chi Minh City schools for two years. We work with local and international schools to create yoga and mindfulness programs that serve children before/after school as well as develop programs to integrate yoga into daily curriculum!  We have an amazing kids yoga teachers that specifically travel to schools and bring yoga to kids in fun and accessible ways. We welcome all kids into our program. We prefer to offer 6-10 week sessions to really allow children the chance to understand how yoga and mindfulness can be used as a tool to help them in all aspects of their lives.  We also offer workshops for teachers giving them the practical skills they need to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into their curriculum.

Here are a few ways can support your school:

Yoga and Mindfulness Breaks

In & After School Programs

Yoga and Mindfulness in the Physical Education Curriculum

Adaptive Yoga and Mindfulness Program- this for students with special needs ( we have two highly qualified teachers that have degrees in special education as well a their RYT - 200)

School/PTA Fundraisers/Family Fun Day/Fairs 

Yoga and Mindfulness for Teachers & School Staff 


Beyond 'Namaste': The benefits of yoga in schools
By Dana Santas, Special to CNN

Yoga Joy Saigon provides the school with a sustainable and cost-effective program designed to improve students’ focus, curiosity and engagement in learning. By teaching children to develop self-awareness, self-empowerment and  mind -body connection, yoga and mindfulness helps transform the culture of a school and community.  Yoga Joy Saigon’s In School Yoga Program  transforms the students, school and the greater community.

In & After School Program–  Bring yoga to you through our In- School & After School Program serving children of all ages.  Classes can be offered year round or in 6- 10 week sessions. Programs can be individualized to meet the needs of the school.  Our program draws from the basic tenants of yoga- we utilizes a holistic model to engage the creative side of the whole child in a non-competitive environment. Another core aspect of our program is mindfulness. We teach mindfulness to children as a part of the yoga program designed for your school- modifying it to meet the profile of  the children. Included in our classes are:  mindfulness training and skills, yoga postures, yoga games, breathing exercises, relaxation methods, basic anatomy, yoga art, yoga literature, yoga journaling and music & songs.  For more information contact our In-School Kids Coordinator,  Alison  Lockwood by email [email protected]

SCHOOLS collaborations.

A growing body of research indicates yoga for kids may be an effective strategy for proactively managing classroom behavior and efficiently boosting student learning and performance.  As a former classroom teacher for children of all abilities and special needs in both public and private settings, I am a strong advocate of integrating yoga in the classroom. “Yoga breaks” in the classroom help kids refocus, prepare for a test, and manage their emotions. Yoga Joy Saigon’s approach to a Yoga-Integrated System, supports both staff and students, and integrates to self-care, self-manage, and self-regulate.

“Scientific Evidence for School-Based Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Practices.”

Written and compiled by YOGA 4 CLASSROOMS” 

“Research on school-based yoga and mindfulness suggests that these programs may have a number of positive effects on student health, behavior, and performance (Butzer et al., 2016Ferreira-Vorkapic et al., 2015; Khalsa & Butzer, 2016Serwacki & Cook-Cottone, 2012). The following list outlines some of the benefits of school-based yoga and meditation practices that address the whole child, thus maximizing the development of academic, social and emotional competence in addition to benefits for teachers and classroom climate:


Recommendations from Parents:

Alison was our dear neighbour so when she opened Yoga Joy, I immediately signed my daughter up for kids yoga so our children can hang out together. She enjoys it so much that she reminds me every Thursday to take her to class. I thought they were just playing and getting familiar with some poses, how wrong I was. After a few months of regular classes, Lam would ask for meditation music to listen to at home before bed time. She would attempt to teach me how to calm myself, how should I guide my mind to be more calming and most importantly she would actually practise at her own time. That is when I realized how much she has learnt through classes with Alison and the great effect that yoga for kids has done. Lam is now continuing to join classes on regular basic and I would thank Alison for providing a great and fun environment for our children.

--- Nhi (Lam's Mom) ---


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