Ms. Daniela Linhares is a certified dance, ballet, fitness instructor for kids and adults. Since very young, 3 years old, Daniela began the study of Ballet by the method of the Royal Academy of Dance, one of the largest institutions of Classic Ballet in World, continuing into adulthood, along with jazz, music school and sports/athletics. Dancing has always been part of her life, taking part in festivals and music in Brazil. In addition teaching Ballet for children in Brazil by 5 years, she has worked with Zumba and Rhythms classes for adults and children.  Since 2016 in Vietnam, she works with Ballet, Fitness Programs, Rhythms Dance Class, Zumba, Jazz, in Internacionals Schools, Dance Schools and Studios, besides worked for 16 years in the area of Marketing and Communication in Brazil, in great companies of telecommunications, TVs and journalism, and organization and promotion of  many sports events in Brazil.

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