Hello yogis!  I'm Elizabeth and I am an American high school teacher here in Saigon.  I am so excited to join the wonderful Yoga Joy team and to be able to share my love of yoga with others.  I have been practicing yoga regularly since 2011, focusing mostly on Hatha, Vinyasa and Iyengar styles.  I love the way yoga makes me feel in my body and in my mind.  Through yoga and mindfulness, I have found ways to manage the anxiety I have struggled with since I was a teen.  I have also learned to care for myself and my health so that I can more effectively support and care for others.  My priorities as a yoga teacher are self-care (emotional, physical and mental) and body positivity.  I look forward to sharing my yoga practice with you and to being a part of the beautiful community at Yoga Joy Saigon.
Our Team

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