"My name is Haylie Collins and I am from Florida in the USA. I recently moved to Ho Chi Minh and I am teaching Grade 3 at a local elementary school. I started doing yoga when I was in university and I immediately fell in love with the practice. Through Yoga I have grown more confident in myself and have learned to appreciate my body for all that it does for me. Because of Yoga I have adopted a more positive mindset and a healthier lifestyle. After a few years of practicing Yoga, I decided to pursue my 200 Hour Teacher Training so that I could share my love of Yoga with others. Since earning my Teaching Certification, I have been able to teach Yoga in both the USA and South Korea. I am very excited for the opportunity to share my practice and gain a new yoga family here in Ho Chi Minh! Namaste!".

"Haylie has taken a 12 hour continuing education training to learn how to guide a restorative yoga practice"

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