Alison was our dear neighbour so when she opened Yoga Joy, I immediately signed my daughter up for kids yoga so our children can hang out together. She enjoys it so much that she reminds me every Thursday to take her to class. I thought they were just playing and getting familiar with some poses, how wrong I was. After a few months of regular classes, Lam would ask for meditation music to listen to at home before bed time. She would attempt to teach me how to calm myself, how should I guide my mind to be more calming and most importantly she would actually practise at her own time. That is when I realized how much she has learnt through classes with Alison and the great effect that yoga for kids has done. Lam is now continuing to join classes on regular basic and I would thank Alison for providing a great and fun environment for our children.

Nhi (Lam's Mom),

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