Workshop Weekend: A Masterclass in Four Parts

Workshop Weekend: A Masterclass in Four Parts

Fall wildly in love with the deeper aspects of your asana practice, and give yourself the opportunity to connect with something greater. Workshop Weekend is a Masterclass divided into four modules. The classes aim to open a dialogue within the body, to realign, to integrate, and to access strength and opening in a new way.

Day One introduces a sequence that, once understood, will serve as a foundation for an infinite number of personalized and medicinal flows. After receiving this body medicine, we will move into opening the heart and combining this with an inversion practice.  Day Two will build on the elements learned in the first day, and we will play through a sequence in active and useable flexibility and allow this flexibility to integrate with arm balancing. The Weekend will end with a closing Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation.

25-26 March 2017, 12-3PM. Space is limited.
Enjoy one day for 750k VND or both for 1.2 million VND.

Rae Dohar has been serving the community as Yogini-in-Chief of Home Yoga Saigon in Thao Dien for three years. She is a yoga and meditation teacher, a Tibetan Singing Bowl Healer, a massage therapist, and a relationship and creativity coach. Rae loves black coffee and her dog, Henry.
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"Rae is one of the most inspiring yoga teachers I have ever encountered. She guides the practice with sincerity, love, and joy. Throughout the practice, she is insightful and funny. I learned so much more about the practice of yoga through her teachings and I truly enjoyed every minute I spent with her both on the mat and off -- she's one of the greatest human beings you'll ever meet!! ♥" --Ronit

"I had the best yoga experience in a class with Rae! She gives personalized attention, constructive assistance, and is extremely knowledgable. The class was educational, fun, and a great workout." --Apurva

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